In my opinion, American culture is in constant stress mode. We pack too much into our day, everyday, and according to the latest research, don’t get enough sleep each night. Sleep is designed to help the body and brain rejuvenate. The proper amount of sleep each night is your #1 weapon against stress. Secondly, utilizing relaxation techniques on a regular basis can help you de-stress. Here are a few of the benefits of relaxation that reports:

 Improves concentration
 Reduces anger and frustration
 Boosts confidence to handle problems

You may feel finding time for one more thing is too much, but it needn’t be. I’m not suggesting a 30-minute period of time. Even five minutes of relaxing will help and you can do it when you lie down to sleep for the night. You can even learn to relax on your drive home from work each day. To find out just how simple it all is, read this article on relaxation techniques from

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