Bible Study Techniques

Bible study is essential to grow your faith. When you read the Bible, you are utilizing one method, and there are a number of reading plans to use. I have often found studying the Bible intimidating. I expect many people do. Learning something new always seems difficult at first, but it will get easier. Today there are many books available that teach how to study the Bible and additional tools like Bible dictionaries, commentaries and concordances to aid you. There are also many websites that offer study methods.

Here a few:
• Word study: researching one word and how it is used throughout the Bible
• Topical study: researching a specific subject such as obedience
• Inductive study: a thorough examination of biblical text by using logic induction and reasoning
• Biography study: studying a particular person from the Bible such as Elijah
• Chapter study: examining one chapter at a time
• Book study: studying one full book of the Bible at a time.

Be adventurous and try several methods!

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