Daily routines are nice. They keep us steady and feeling secure. But sometimes spontaneity opens the door to the best part of our day. If a friend calls as says, “Let’s go for coffee” be open to the idea. If your child says, “Let’s play” stop and take the time to play. People are important to God. And you are important to your friends and family. The people in our lives are precious gifts from God.

I had a wonderful weekend with my daughter and grandson. I said, “Let’s play Wii bowling.” We bowled two games. Then we played over 10 games of tennis, then several games of baseball. We laughed and shouted and huffed and puffed. I’m sore today. My grandson probably isn’t, but he has a wonderful memory of playing with Grandma that he might not otherwise have had.

Be spontaneous!

Debra L. Butterfield © 2010

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