Confess Your Anger

“God, why did you let all this happen? You could have prevented it.”

Perhaps you’ve found yourself saying these very words. Maybe you’ve even wanted to add, “I’m so angry at you, God.” Guess what? Even if you want to say it and don’t, God knows how you feel. So you might as well say it. It took me several months before I was able to admit to myself that I was angry with God. Then I told him during my prayer time one day. In fact, I screamed it. But God is patient and loving; he listened to my ranting without condemning me. Once I released my anger, I instantly felt better. I spent more time in prayer and before I was done I was praising and thanking God for the refining work he was doing in my life. I resolved my anger and moved forward with healing.

Are you angry at God for past or present circumstances? Confess it to him. Don’t be afraid to express it the way you feel it. If you need to shout, then shout. But don’t stay angry. If at all possible, continue to prayer until you have resolved your anger toward God and can end your prayer with praise for God’s infinite wisdom and work in your life.

Debra L. Butterfield © 2010

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