Secret Longings of the Heart

What drives us to act the way and say the things we do? We all come from different backgrounds and different experiences, but at the heart of this shared human experience we call life are our desires for significance, security, intimacy, success, and spirituality.

Understanding the drive behind our actions and words leads the way to change. In Secret Longings of the Heart, Carol Kent discusses each of these desires, or passions as she calls them. Chapters include “Secret Passions—Destructive, Honorable, or Holy?,” “Why Me? Why This? Why Now?,” “I Blew It Again!,”  and “Me—God’s Woman?”.

I found this book very helpful in bringing focus to my battle with self-confidence, and leading the way to overcome it. I read the 1991 edition. The newest edition (2003) includes a 12-week Bible study.  

Debra L. Butterfield © 2012

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