Overcome Depression

Chronic low-grade depression plagued me for many years. My doctors prescribed various medications and for awhile I took them, but I preferred not to due to side effects and sought help through books and counseling. Books led me to deal with my past, and once I had, the depression left. Everyone faces different circumstances and experiences, thus depression is individual. I hope the following book will bring some insight and help to your situation.

Mary Southerland's book Coming Out of the Dark is by far the best book on overcoming depression that I've read. Southerland, a pastor's wife, writes from the perspective of having battled depression herself. She is straightforward and hopeful throughout the book. 

Chapters include "Understanding Depression," "Winning Over Worry," and "Managing Your Emotions." I especially enjoyed the chapters "Getting Past Your Past" and "Getting Good at Being You." Appendixes include a checklist to help determine if you or someone you love is depressed, a list of books Southerland found helpful, and several pages of Bible verses to bring encouragement.  

The information Southerland presents can help anyone working to overcome difficult circumstances, not just those battling depression.

Debra L. Butterfield

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  1. Thanks for sharing your views. Medicines never help us to overcome the depression. If you really want to overcome it then do regular exercise. . This will automatically enhance your mood and your tolerance power to bear any sort of pain.