Spiritual Fitness Checkup for the 50 Something Woman

Every 7 seconds, another “Baby Boomer” turns 50...
That’s a lot of “MIDLIFERS!”

And I'm one of them. The older I get the more I dread that yearly visit to the doctor. What ailment will he find this time and what drug will he foist on me as a treatment? Today we take a look at Dr. Sharon King's book The Spiritual Fitness Checkup for the 50 Something Woman. Dr. King has taken this yearly doctor's physical we all endure and skillfully applied it to our spiritual lives. Her humorous description of the doctor’s prodding and probing is delightful. Yet, her application to our spiritual health is thought-provoking and accurate. Each chapter can be read in less than 5 minutes, but then comes the tough part: taking your spiritual pulse by working through the exercises at the end of each chapter. A marvelous little book for individual or small group study. --Debra L. Butterfield

Along with many physical and emotional changes, midlife can bring a deluge of spiritual questions:
  • Where am I at this major milestone of my life?
  • Where am I headed?
How do I prepare for “later life?”
Book Summary
Christian author and gerontologist Dr. Sharon V. King welcomed her 50th birthday asking these same questions. In the Introduction to her book, The Spiritual Fitness Checkup for the 50-Something Woman, she writes:

“The view from my 50th birthday was quite different from what I had anticipated. As a Christian, I was ready to start cataloging everything from the first 50 years of my life for which I wanted to thank God—and all the issues I genuinely needed to discuss with Him in considerable detail. But, as the cataloging progressed, unusual items surfaced—doubt, regret, loss, resentment, disappointment—feelings that were far less rosy than the pink icing on my birthday cake.”

Realizing that thousands of other “50-something” women may have the same feelings about their official entry into midlife, Sharon set out to apply her knowledge of aging to her spiritual questions and help other women find their way through the midlife maze and, revive (or discover) the joys that come from a closer walk with God at this unique crossroads of life.

Organizing the book like a visit to the doctor’s office for a routine physical, Sharon presents 10 spiritual fitness “checkups” and exercises to help you take your own midlife “Spiritual Pulse Check.” You will learn how to:
  • Jettison unwanted spiritual baggage
  • View your midlife crisis from God’s perspective
  • Focus on forgiveness instead of anger
  • Conduct a spiritual lab test
  • Improve your spiritual stamina
  • Enhance your meditation time
  • Spiritualize your midlife self-image
These Spiritual Pulse Checks can be used by individuals or for group discussion points. It is Sharon’s hope that The Spiritual Fitness Checkup for the 50-Something Woman will help readers adopt the same attitude toward their spiritual health as they do their physical health, and strive to maintain a vibrant relationship with God.

Author Interview—Getting to Know Sharon King

Your 50th birthday arrived the day after the 9/11 disaster, and resulted in a new way of thinking.
Please explain.
After the September 11th tragedy, I felt guilty celebrating a birthday as the rest of the world mourned the anniversary of this national disaster. Two family members also died on or near my birthday. I sought God’s help to understand these birthday tragedies. Soon, I saw my birthday as a time for thanksgiving. I realized that life and death come wrapped in the same package as gifts from God—both are surrounded by His love and mercy. I value life now as too precious to waste on the trivial things that clutter our day-to-day living. I fret less and celebrate more.

What’s so special about midlife as a time for a spiritual “checkup?”
Midlife is the best possible reminder that we’re not going to be around forever. We’re so consumed with the business of transitioning from youth (teens and 20s) to adulthood (30s), we don’t have time to slow down enough to ponder what it all means. We seek education, choose a career, find a mate, decide where to live, and raise our children. That’s fulltime work! We may forget to put God on our list of things to do. By midlife, we have more time to put on the brakes for a while to think more than do. God takes the initiative at this point to nudge us into deeper reflection about our relationship with Him, and He prepares us for a new stage of life.

There’s a ton of books for Christian women on the market. What makes yours unique?
When I compiled my thoughts to create this book, I considered the Christian women's books that appealed to me. I enjoyed books that were “light” as opposed to “heavy.” Books that helped relate Christian spirituality to contemporary living (with a touch of humor) appealed to me more than books that just “threw” the Bible at me. Another quality I enjoyed was brevity—easy to read yet loaded with spiritual insights to chew on. Finally, I enjoyed books that connected my spirituality with the seemingly mundane parts of my life, showing me that God didn’t wait until Sunday morning to show me how He fit into my life. I tried to incorporate those qualities into the Spiritual Fitness Checkup.

Publisher: Healthy Life Press
ISBN-10: 1453661182
ISBN-13: 978-1453661185
Released: July 25, 2010
Paperback: 64 pages
Retail: $8.95

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  1. Hi, Debra,

    I just wanted to thank you for hosting my blog tour and for your kind comments about my book. I relate to your reluctance to visit the doctor. I have a really good one, but he's always nagging me about something--a few extra pounds I picked up since the last visit; forgetting to bring in a month's worth of blood pressure readings, etc. Gee whiz, doc, give me a break! I do believe that's how many people view God--the idea of spending time alone with Him and doing a thorough spiritual "checkup" is the last thing some folks want to do. As you say, some people wonder what ailment God will find or what demands He may make. But, His "bedside manner" is the best, and He's full of compassion and understanding. But, we can't experience it unless we make that appointment with Him and open our hearts. Thanks very much again. May you age gracefully with God's grace!

    Sharon King

  2. Dr. Sharon,
    It was a pleasure to blog your book. I had such a great laugh reading about your doctor visits. But it also made me realize I definitely have extra baggage to get rid of. Praise God, He won't insist on man-made drugs that will bring worse side effects than benefits. I pray this book will see much success. Blessings, deb