Another Snow Day? Oh, No

We all enjoy that occasional snow day, but three days like we’ve had this week? Arg, by then we’re getting desperate to get back to normal. All my children are grown, but I still look forward to a snow day with the excitement of a 10 year old. Instead, I battled slippery roads on Monday morning on my way to school and again coming home. (I think it must take a disaster for colleges to cancel classes!) When I finally pulled into the parking lot at my apartment that evening, I was glad for the leftover homemade bean soup sitting in the fridge. On a snowy day, a bowl of hot soup is so satisfying to me. And even better, all I had to do was heat it.

What do you do with snow days? Do you have a favorite activity or recipe you save for just such days? Something the kids can do or help make while they’re enjoying their unexpected day off from school? Please share it with us so we can add it to our repertoire for next time.

Debra L. Butterfield © 2011. Photo used with permission.

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