It's All God's Fault, part 2

“God, I’m so angry at you.” I screamed one morning.

Does that seem like a bold move to you? God knows what is in my heart, so what’s the point in hiding my anger? Telling him about it kept me from taking it out on others around me, and my anger dissipated. I asked God for the strength to get through the battle and went on with the day. But during the months that followed, disappointment moved in and began to fester. Then bitterness took root in my heart. And it all happened without me realizing it.

The Bible tells us the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth (see John 16:13). And when He knew I was ready, the Holy Spirit revealed the bitterness in my heart. What a shock it was to me! But now I understood why God seemed so far away. When we are having difficulty with a relationship, we tend to pull away somewhat, even if we are deeply committed to that relationship. Unknowingly, I had pulled away from God because I was disappointed He had not answered my prayers the way I wanted them to be. I confessed my bitterness for the sin it was. My confession opened the door to God’s healing (see James 5:16).

Have you been angry at or disappointed in God? What have you done about it? It’s okay to tell him how you feel.
Debra L. Butterfield © 2011. Photo used with permission. 

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