Summer Delight

When the sun is blasting away like a welding torch and the humidity makes every inch of your body wet, I say it’s time to tingle your taste buds and refresh yourself with this easy-to-make family pleaser. This dessert is simple and quick to make and will be a sure winner on a sweltering summer day. It’s pretty tasty even in the middle of winter!

Ice Cream Jell-O® Pie
One pre-made pie crust (graham cracker and cookie crumb crusts also work)
1 3 oz. box of Jell-O, any flavor (DO NOT USE sugar-free)
2-4 cups softened vanilla ice cream (depending on size of pie crust)

Bake pie crust per directions and allow to cool. Dissolve gelatin in large bowl with one cup boiling water. Place briefly in refrigerator to cool. Do not allow gelatin to harden. Soften 2-4 cups ice cream while gelatin cools (5-10 minutes only). Remove gelatin from fridge (it may still be steaming). Add ice cream, blend well and pour into baked pie crust. Place in refrigerator to set. Will have the consistency of a cream pie.

I was first introduced to this recipe back in 1982 and it’s been a family favorite ever since. Our two favorite flavors are black cherry and lime. It’s easy to fix and isn’t filling or heavy like fruit pies can be. If you don’t want to deal with a pie crust, you can make the filling and allow it to set in dessert cups or the bowl you mix it in. No matter what you decide, it’s a relaxing summer treat.

Debra L. Butterfield © 2010

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