Humor in the Hard Times

It was his sense of humor that drew me to my husband. Today, it is his sense of humor that keeps him alive. He suffered a debilitating stroke over eleven years ago.

Before the end of the first week a couple of doctors stood at the foot of his bed, studying his chart. My husband looked my direction and said, "Hey, look, a pair o' docs!"

Shortly after the stroke, he had a scan of his brain. Technologists who evaluated the scan said, "By all rights this man should not be alive. The right side of his brain is basically non-existent."

My husband heard me tell that story over the years and he often thanked God that he had at least half a brain. "That was better than no brain at all."

But, recently, he started worrying. "Do I still have a brain?" he asked, relieved that I could answer in the affirmative.

The real paradox is that we can find humor in the troubling situations we face. Remember, the only difference between a smile and a frown is the way it is turned.

Marilyn Scholz © 2010. Marilyn and her husband have been married thirty-five years. They have four grown children and a growing number of grandchildren. Finding joy through trials seems to be a way of life for them.

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