Finding Inspiration Where You Live

By Bill Ellis
Special to ASSIST News Service

SCOTT DEPOT, WV (ANS) --Do you ever find inspiration, encouragement, guidance and even a little humor in unexpected places? Those are the surprises of life. They may startle you or as some say, "It knocked me for a loop." It was a mental and emotional shock. It woke you up.

It did not take my breath away, but I laughed at one little sign in Pastor Ralph's study last week. It reminded me of three beautiful little girls who used to say, "Nana, you laugh a lot." Every time Grandma heard that, she laughed even more. The referenced plaque simply said, "Grandmas are antique little girls" -- still having fun and laughing with others.

Visit any place with observant eyes and total consciousness of our immediate environment and we will become aware of informative and inspirational messages. In any house or place of business, education or worship, I notice printed messages that add significantly to my experience and enjoyment.

Recently, in Scott Depot, WV, I walked down a flight of stairs, 14 total steps, to be greeted by a small carpet, designed in fall colors and earth tones, three colorful leaves on the sides, with this beautifully scripted three-line message; "Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much."

When I was a child in the Wevaco and Decota areas of Cabin Creek, WV, I lived with my parents, sister and brother, surrounded by grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Excitement erupted when a pack-peddler arrived.

The salesmen coming into those areas carried their products in large suitcases, sometimes hanging over their back with strong straps. They carried a variety of products. Some would have glittering little placards, about 8x10, or 10x12 inches in size with interesting and often religious messages such as, "God Bless Our Home" and "Jesus Loves Little Children."

Things you may notice and are inspired by remain for many years. When I was ready to ascend the stairs, all 14 steps to the top, the little carpet was where I ended my descent. Let's talk about that impressive message.

1. "Live Well" and be well while you live. This message has to do with personal health, relationships with your family, neighbors, friends and with God. Jesus, when talking about the union between God and His church said, "This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you" (John 15:12).
Take care of your body, eat the right foods, exercise daily, breathe deeply of clean fresh air. Take care of your body and improve it in every way you can. It is a masterpiece so treat it that way.

2. "Laugh Often." Endorphins are released by hardy laughter. My Webster's Dictionary defines endorphin this way, "Any of several peptides secreted in the brain that have a pain-relieving effect like that of morphine." I attribute that to God who gave us a powerful built-in pharmacy.
Laughing a lot may dramatically improve your health. The wisest of men, Solomon, said, "A merry heart does good like medicine" (Proverbs 17:22).

3. "Love Much" with a few, like your family and love many, at least a little. Love much would probably be a first step toward ending hatred, animosity and impeding the angst prevalent in our nation and world. The longer I live, my eagerness to forgive and accept others continues to be accentuated.

Keep your eyes and ears open and you will read and hear things that will make each day a little better. Kitty has one sign over her desk that says, "If you are grouchy, irritable or just plain mean, there will be a $10.00 charge for putting up with you."

Every time I see that sign, I think twice before I speak. I cannot afford to talk at that rate. What good messages are seen where you live and work?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bill Ellis is a syndicated columnist, and convention and conference speaker on every continent. He is the writer of more than 2,000 newspaper and magazine columns, articles and contributions to books. He is also a widely known motivational speaker and pulpit guest who utilizes enjoyment of life and just plain fun and laughter while speaking to high school, university and professional sports teams as well as to business and professional groups of all kinds. His keen understanding of human problems makes him a favorite speaker for youth, parent, and senior adult meetings. He is accompanied by Kitty, his wife, favorite singer, editor and publisher. 

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