Control Freaks

By Dionna Sanchez © 2010

Women love to control things. Deny it if you will, but we do. We feel more secure if we can have everything planned out and go according to that plan. We tend to be a little "high maintenance" in what we require of those in our homes and lives as well as with ourselves. Yes, we are managers by nature.

Our children are so lucky that we tend to gravitate towards being managers. Can you imagine where they would be if we never had enough food for their school lunches or we were constantly forgetting to manage laundry control? Not a pretty site. Yet, our managing has its place. You see, sometimes we are so set on being a manager and being in control of our environment, that we manage God right out of the picture. And God recently revealed something to my heart about this tendency and nature of a woman.

Men are often said to struggle with following God because they have a harder time than women in submission. We find it much easier to submit to the Lord than a man does. And yet I think our downfall is in control. We struggle with our faith at times, because faith requires us to allow God to do the unknown. Faith means trusting through your doubts. And that is very hard for a woman when she is not used to relinquishing control in her life!

I have learned that when I can give God the steering wheel to my life that it is only then that I truly feel peace. Things may not go the way I had planned in my head, but they are often much better for me. I feel free in knowing that I can simply be who God created me to be instead of trying so hard to control everything around me and maintain a certain image or impression. I am more relaxed when I take that burden off of my shoulders and place it at God's feet where it belongs.

God has given us this wonderful ability to manage our families. They would be so lost without us. But it is good to remember that our "managerial" and "controlling" qualities have their place and their time. And even during those times, they need to be governed by the Lord, for He is our higher boss. Don't clench so tightly to the vision you have for things that you fail to see God trying to pry open your hands and show you a different picture. For you just might miss out on the blessing He wants to give you.

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