Finding Assistance

Do you find yourself in a financial struggle for the first time in your life? Maybe someone you know has asked where they can go for help. Do you have an answer? If you have never had a need for this type of assistance, you may find yourself wondering how to find it.A Google search on the keywords “assistance agencies” or “assistance programs” along with your state will offer a cornucopia of results (e.g. assistance programs Missouri).

Here are several sites I recommend utilizing in your search: ( GovBenefits is the official benefits Website of the U.S. government and offers information on more than 1000 benefit and assistance programs. You can search by state, or start with their confidential questionnaire for the most comprehensive search of assistance programs.
Community Action Partnership. Find a community action agency in your state via this link:
Catholic Charities. Find a local agency here:
Here is another Website that offers a state-specific search for assistance programs:

Many local churches also offer help. If you attend church, ask the church secretary if assistance is available. If not, ask if they have a list of local community agencies that can help. If you do not attend church, I encourage you to call one of the bigger churches in town and ask those same questions. Reaching out to those in need is what churches do! 

Don’t lose hope. Help is out there. Just ask.

Debra L. Butterfield © 2010

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