Welcome to the Glory and Strength Blog

One might think that because I’m a writer, editor and publisher I would find it easy to blog. Nothing could be further from the truth. Blogging by its very nature is a spontaneous activity. It is not in my nature to be spontaneous. A friend of mine is a personality trainer. She often comments on my melancholy personality—analytical, practical and leaning toward perfectionism. Melancholies often tend to be insecure too. I want every word to be just right and can spend hours writing my Christmas letter. So for me blogging is going to be an exercise in spontaneity and a vehicle of growth.

This blog is a place to find hope, healing and fellow travelers on the road to victory over life’s battles. If you read Glory and Strength.com and would like to comment on what you read, feel free to do so here. Know also that you can post here in complete anonymity.

Together with Christ we can be victorious.