Dealing with Loneliness

For many people the holiday season isn’t the happy celebration they would like it to be. Instead it is a season of deeply felt loneliness. The reasons are as varied as there are people, and the reasons aren’t important. What’s important is they feel lonely.

I am well acquainted with loneliness. As a child I didn’t have a lot of friends. Too shy, I guess. As a military wife, we moved often. In fact, before I came to know God, I often felt lonely even though my husband was lying in bed next to me. This year my youngest son has left home to begin his life as an adult. The quiet emptiness of my apartment is as gloomy as a dark cloudy day.

Here are some tools I use to help me overcome my loneliness.

· I put on a praise CD and spend time praising God. Knowing he loves me with an unfailing love chases away my sadness.
· I ask God to fill the void—because he is the only one who really can.
· I call to visit with a friend I’ve left behind in the latest move.
· I call a new friend and say let’s go out for lunch.
· I spend time with family, either on the phone or by going to visit if they live nearby.
· I count my blessings.
· I get outside myself by getting involved in church and community activities such as helping serve at the local food kitchen.

We’ve all experienced loneliness at some point in our lives. Please share with our readers the positive tools you use to help you deal with loneliness. ©2009 Debra L. Butterfield

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