A Journey Through Alzheimer’s, Reader Q&A

I hope you have enjoyed our time with author RJ Thesman and her character Reverend G. As promised here are readers’ questions and RJ’s answers.

Q: You mentioned trauma-induced dementia, which I assume is referring to some physical trauma that caused the dementia to begin. Is there such a thing as emotional induced dementia?
A: Yes. Psychological and emotional stress can lead to an increased risk of dementia. Stress affects the adrenals which help to protect us from illness, so emotional stress can greatly affect our immune systems and our cognitive functions. Although no definite stats are available, my research has shown that emotional stress sets up more of an inclination for dementia. And all caregivers know that long-term stress can make them sick.

Q: Do you have any tips for those researching assisted living facilities?
A: Get all the info you can by talking to staff and other families who have loved ones there. Visit on different days of the week and at different times. Think of the life story of your loved one. Would she enjoy this place if she could choose it? Are there thingsRev_G_Cover about this place that would make her/him feel peaceful and at home? Does it smell clean and are the furnishings in good shape? Nobody wants their loved one in a sub-par facility.

Q: When did Reverend G's relationship with God begin and how did she grow so close to Him?
A: She became a Christian at church camp when she was 13. Her parents were not Christians, but they thought it would be a good diversion to send her to summer camp. She became close to God because she had to be independent about her faith, and she was discipled (somewhat secretly) by the woman whose house she cleaned on the weekends. Her parents decided she needed a little job and they had no idea that in between the toilets and the dusting, the future Reverend G was learning about spiritual disciplines. When she was 18, both parents were killed in a car wreck. That's when she started hearing from God. He became her Abba Father.

Q: At the end of the book, why doesn't Reverend G just stay with Chris? Where's the resolution of the love story?
A: Stay tuned for book 2.

RJ ThesmanBIO: RJ Thesman has been a writer since she flipped open her Red Chief tablet and scribbled her first story. Thesman is a Biblical Counselor, a Stephen Minister and a Certified Christian Life Coach. She enjoys teaching writing workshops and helps beginning writers birth their words. She enjoys reading, gardening and cooking and lives in the heartland of Kansas with her son and an elderly cat. http://www.rjthesman.net http://www.Facebook.com/rjthesman

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