Turning Whine into Praise

By Teresa Tierney © 2012

“Hello Lord, here I am at midnight...again. Sorry to wake you, but I’m too upset to sleep.” 

I’ve developed the habit of talking to God about my problems. My pastor calls it pouring our hearts out to the Lord – but I must admit when my prayer starts I am just your typical, whiny kid.

Christ turned water into wine (John 2:1-11). Nothing less of a miracle happens when God turns my whine into praise. Whether I’m struggling with my job, a friend who has offended me, or a family member that has me worried, God is available 24/7 to hear my whine list (see Matt 28:20).

Thankfully God has an infinite supply of patience. He knows when I get done whining, I will be able to hear His still, small voice telling me how much greater his love is for that person I am worried about. He turns my worry into prayer and I am reminded that I can trust him with this person, too.

When I hit a stress point in my day, I gain a sense of relief knowing I can journal about it the next morning. It’s like, “Ok. I’m taking it up with The Boss in the morning.” Some things I take up with him right then and there, but if it’s going to be lengthy, I save it for my journal. I wish I could lay all my worries down right away–or not pick them up at all. Maybe someday, when I am the mature Christian I long to be. For now I am definitely that work in progress. I rely on my prayer journal, and nothing cures a sleepless night like a 20-minute journal entry.

The great thing about talking to God is that he’s never too busy for me—he has eternity, after all. We never get interrupted by His other kids—He is quite the multi-tasker. He never gets called in to supper—the banquet table must be open 24/7. He never grows tired of me calling, and he doesn’t mind if it’s the middle of the night. He never gets tired of me rehashing some of our tougher topics. He doesn’t say, “Don’t talk to me about this again until you’ve done something about it!” like a human friend might do. He lets me tell the same story over and over, until I am able to forgive. In fact, I don’t know if I would be able to forgive without a prayer journal. Sometimes it takes a lot of words for me to reach the state of choosing to forgive. He gives me all the time I need. 

The amazing thing to me is even though He already knows absolutely everything that has ever happened to me—and everything that ever will—and knows absolutely every thought I have ever had or ever will, he doesn't grow bored with my conversation.

Even though most of the time I start out with my usual whine (I didn’t get my way, I didn’t get what I wanted, or someone was mean to me,) before I’ve even finished laying it all out to him, he has already begun the work of changing my heart. Within minutes, he has opened my eyes to another person’s perspective, or directed my thoughts to how many blessings I have, or revealed the need for forgiveness.

God is the Master of the Universe and knows all things (1 John 3:20). He helps me see things from the other person’s perspective and helps me give them more grace. And I have the opportunity for my steps to be guided by the Creator, the man in charge (Psalm 37:23, NKJV). When I whined about losing a job, he turned my thoughts toward his provision in my husband’s job, our savings account and unemployment. When I whined about a friend who offended me, God reminded me to be grateful for her friendship and to forgive her. When I whined about my wish list not coming true, he reminded me I was once again wishing for earthly security. Any security I gain for myself is feeble and frail and can crumble at any moment. The only true security comes from God.

Since I regularly discuss my whine list with God, I think it keeps the whine volume down for everyone else in my life. In fact, I recommend parents send kids to their room to discuss their whine list with God, instead of whining to you!

Need someone to listen? Give God a call. His schedule is never full and He definitely has an open door policy.:

You’ve heard some of the vintage items on my list. What’s on yours?

Leave your comments below. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Teresa Tierney is a freelance writer, wife, mother of two, grandmother of three.  She blogs at www.RoadblocksToForgiveness.com You may contact her at T68114@gmail.com

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