Change Is Coming

As summer progresses, we here at Glory and Strength are reevaluating. God calls us to be good stewards and if we are spending his resources creating a website that does not minister to the needs of his people, then we are wasting those resources. We are here for YOU. To make your life better, whether in big or little ways. 

Our goal when Glory and Strength first began was to offer hope and healing for those who have been impacted by sexual abuse. That goal has not changed, but simply expanded to reach others who seek hope and healing for life's struggles. Now, we are looking to fine tune and possibly change direction a bit. We are even considering a members-only community.  

It is our goal to implement the first phase of change by September 1. We want your input first to ensure we are on the right track and being good stewards of God's resources. To the right is a box titled "Make Your Voice Count." There you will find a link that will lead you to our survey of nine quick questions that will help us know what is and isn't important to you. Make your voice count as we seek to improve Glory and Strength. Take our survey today. 

Thank you,
Debra L. Butterfield

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