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Choice Points: 6 Ways to Make Good Choices
by Darla Arni

I love choices! Choices can empower and allow us to intentionally choose our next steps in accordance to our values and goals. I hate choices! Sometimes we make bad choices which compel us to fix the situation as fast as we can with more choices. It is a dilemma of life.
Each of us makes choices everyday without giving them much thought. Because I have become so tuned in to choices and their consequences I find myself studying not only my choices but the choices of those around me and pretty much anybody else's that catches my attention. (Is anybody thinking Charlie Sheen?) Choices come in all sizes and apply to every part of life. We make choices about what we eat, drink, how we use our time, what we spend our money on, our appearance, the words we say, our actions, our public and private behaviors, our emotional responses, and our thoughts. And that list is just for starters. If interested try taking one day or even an hour and jot down the choices you make during that time; it will be eye opening! You can try to put off making choices but in reality not making a choice is, well, another choice.
The term "choice points" can be traced back to a Princeton physicist Hugh Everett III, who in 1957, suggested that for every moment of our lives there are many moments, possibilities and outcomes playing out simultaneously and present for every choice in our lives. He called these moments in time when the course of an event may be changed "choice points." Sometimes a choice point is a nanosecond moment of time and other times it may be days or weeks. Being aware of choice points and being prepared can make the difference between success and failure. Use the following tips and techniques to become choice point savvy. Life is a path of choices
6 Ways to Make Good Choices
1. Trust Yourself
Learning to listen to yourself rather than rely on opinions and suggestions of others is the first step to making choices that line up with your goals and values. Taking directions from or trying to please others will not create the life you want to live.
2. Avoid Naysayers
There will always be friends, relatives and even strangers that spout what I call 'Killer Phrases' such as "That'll never work.", "Are you serious?", "It'll never fly."
Don't argue with pessimists, just stay away from them and follow your dream.
3. Live in the Moment
Easy to say but hard to do. If you are worrying about tomorrow and regretting yesterday you will never be able to make good choices in the present. Good results require living in the now.
4. Learn from the Past
Review old thoughts and patterns to be sure you are not repeating knee jerk choices and reactions that are doomed to fail. Learning from past choices is fine; living in the past is not.
5. Be Patient
This one is hard for me! When I decide to do something I want to do it now, not next week, after my daughter is grown or when I retire. Patience is not procrastinating; patience is realizing when the time is right and being ready. If you are living by #1 you will know when the time is right to embrace change.
6. Never Give Up!
It is fine to evolve and fine tune your dreams but never, ever give up.
Often what you lack in talent and wisdom can be overcome with persistence. Sheer tenacity allows you to stay motivated while you take action, and action produces results which will motivate you even more!
"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." ~Wayne Dyer
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Darla Arni is a nationwide speaker, author, artist and attitude expert who helps others navigate through life by imparting awareness & hope with a healthy dose of life skills. She presents to a wide range of audiences and shares her expertise every month through her e-newsletter. For more information or to have Darla speak at your next event go to ~ email ~ call 660-529-2969
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