How Can I Help?

I have seen my share of crises—divorce, a factory accident that left permanent damage, a fire that gutted the basement of our home, and the sexual abuse of my daughter, to name a few. I understand the emotional, mental and physical fallout. I have been fortunate enough to have had two things that helped me weather hardship: faith in God, and friends.

Unless you are a hermit, I expect you know, or have known, someone who is in crisis and have struggled with the question “How can I help?” We often want to alleviate the pain or fix the situation and that is rarely possible. Sometimes, we avoid a family member or friend because we don’t know what to say or do. Helping isn’t difficult and need not be complicated either.

For ways you can help, read this week's Glory and Strength webzine feature, but first tell us how you've helped a friend in need. Leave your comment below.